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Fall 2017
May 25, 2019
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ENG 1450 - Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
Part I; Current, voltage, energy, potential, power Ohm's law; independent sources; capacitor, inductor, ideal diode, op-amp; Kirchoff's law; simple circuits (Resistive, RC, RL, OP-Amp; Diode); introduction to ac theory (Sinusoidal waveform, phase relations of voltage and current waveforms for R,L,C. RL and RC circuits). Part II; Applications (Digital Logic, motors). Prerequisites: A minimum grade of 60% in Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S (or a minimum grade of “C” in MATH SKILLS) and Physics 40S (or passing grade in PHYS 0900 or minimum grade of “C” in PHYS 1050) and Chemistry 40S (or passing grade in CHEM 0900 or minimum grade of “C” in CHEM 1300) or their equivalents.

3.0 Credit hours

Engineering, Engineering lab, RO admin use only

Engineering Prelim Year Department

Course Attributes:
Science requirement for BA, Recommended Intro Courses

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