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ENGL 2490 - Literature in Translation
(Formerly 004.249) Content of this course will vary from year to year and from section to section. See the course descriptions available from the English Department. Each section of this course will be double-numbered with the department of the instructor teaching the course. Restrictions: See note 5 in the program table under section 7.9.2 English. Prerequisite: [a grade of "C" or better in ENGL 1200 (004.120) or ENGL 1201 (004.120) or ENGL 1300 (004.130) or ENGL 1301 (004.130) or the former 004.126] or [a grade of "C" or better in each of ENGL 1310 (004.131) and ENGL 1340 (004.134)]. As the course content will vary from year to year, students may take this course more than once for credit.
3.000 Credit Hours

Levels: Undergraduate

Faculty of Arts
English, Theatre, Film & Media Department

Course Attributes:
Humanities, Written English Requirement