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Information All courses approved by the university Senate are included in each Catalog term. Course changes approved by Senate are normally effective for Fall term, so the Catalogs for Fall, Winter and Summer terms for an academic year will include the same set of courses. Course descriptions in the Catalog, however, include links to the Class Schedule of the term being viewed. As not all courses are taught in each term, the term you choose for Catalog should be based on the term in which you wish to view the Class Schedule. While viewing the course information, if you want to search for classes taught in another term, you will need to return to the Course Catalog or Class Schedule main page and initiate a search in the other term.

Courses that span over two terms (for example, 6 credit hour courses) are split into two course sections, Part A in one term and Part B in the next term. Spanned courses are identified by a section comment in the Class Schedule. When registering for a spanned course, you will register for Part A only. Part B will automatically be added to your registration in the next term.

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