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University of Manitoba Online Transfer Credit Resource


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Welcome to the University of Manitoba Online Transfer Credit Resource for undergraduate course studies.

The University of Manitoba Online Transfer Credit Resource is intended to provide course transfer information for prospective applicants, newly admitted students and current University of Manitoba students seeking to enhance their studies with approved courses to be taken on a letter of permission or student exchange program.

While course equivalencies are generally valid for five years from period of last assessment, course assessments are subject to reconsideration at any time. A course excluded from the database does not necessarily indicate transfer credit will not be awarded; a detailed course outline/syllabus may be required at the point of application for Admission or letter of permission to determine whether credit may be granted.

External courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis and assigned equivalency, where applicable.

Where a direct equivalent does not exist, a course may be awarded general (unallocated) credit:

While unallocated credit may fulfill select admission or degree requirements, it is generally insufficient to serve as a substitution for a specific course. Please consult with the applicable office to determine suitability.

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    I am a new admit/prospective student seeking course transfer information (Undergraduate Admissions)

    I am a current University of Manitoba student seeking letter of permission/exchange course transfer information (Registrar's Office)

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